Fighting Health Care Fraud For Florida

Our Mission

Each year, the state of Florida and the United States government spend billions of dollars on the provision of healthcare to our elderly, infirmed, and others in need. Federal healthcare dollars are also spent to care for our military veterans who served our nation with honor.

Unfortunately, in contrast to yesteryear, healthcare is now big business. Our nursing homes are run by for-profit entities and hospitals, ambulance services, and clinics are now beholden to Wall Street investment bankers. Keeping the system honest is a chore. Yet, it is necessary to protect the integrity of healthcare delivery and to make sure that precious Federal and State healthcare dollars are spent for medically necessary services, which, among other things, do not place patients in harm’s way just because economic gain is expedient for Wall Street interests.

The Florida Healthcare Project was created as a service to residents of the State of Florida who want to safeguard the healthcare delivery system and make sure that when healthcare is delivered, it is delivered for medically necessary purposes.

This website provides information on laws that allow individuals to sue where they have information about fraud, waste, and abuse in the healthcare delivery system, including information about conduct that harms patients.

In an era where wrongdoing is so pervasive that its magnitude exceeds the capabilities of government compliance enforcement officials, the Florida and Federal False Claims Acts are unique, underutilized provisions that leverage compliance enforcement by allowing private citizens an opportunity to enforce laws and regulations. If you have information about wrongdoing and seek feedback about whether it is the type of wrongdoing that may lend to litigation under either of these statutes, please contact us.*